Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: Rembrandt Deeply White

I'm sure you've all seen the commercials for Rembrandt Deeply white tooth paste and mouthwash. I drink a lot of coffee and Coke, so I was looking for something that would help keep my teeth nice and white.

The texture is a bit different from other toothpastes. It's thinner in consistency and doesn't foam up, or even taste very good for that matter. I think the formula has a lot of peroxide (for the whitening effect of course) and the taste definitely reflects that. Didn't make me gag or anything, just not as pleasant.

The toothpaste and mouthwash are meant to be used together but I found myself skipping the mouthwash a lot of the time. Mostly because you're not supposed to eat for 30 minutes after using it, and I can't imagine a time where I wouldn't eat within 30 minutes, or even time myself not to.

So...does it work?

Sort of.

Before. My teeth aren't as white as the lighting would lead you to believe. (sad face)

Two weeks later. A bit whiter.

I didn't get the same results as I would've gotten using whitening strips, but also didn't get the sensitivity and gum pain that comes along with using them.

I've also tried Colgate's Optic White and gotten good results, if not the same. With the Rembrandt toothpaste going for about $8 and mouthwash for about $6, I'd go for the Colgate Optic White for around $5.

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